About Us

We are Warm The Sole.

We have a collective of some of the most knowledgeable gurus in the heating design world. The unique aspect about our team though is not only can they tell you the square root of an orange, they can also instruct, in laymans terms how to peel it.
We formed Warm The Sole from the pool of talented individuals described above (their brief biogs are below). It was obvious from the start that there was a common aim.

  • do it well
  • do it better
  • do it best

The team has forged ahead with this ethos to provide a comprehensive set of options for heating and plumbing that is unrivalled in terms of quality and price. We are confident that you’ll be in agreement once you’ve had a chance to explore our site. If you have any questions please get in touch with anyone in our team.

The suave and sophisticated exterior hides a depth of heating knowledge almost unrivalled in this industry. He has extensive experience in designing every size of system from single room extensions up to 10,000m² of school. He really shines when his expertise in linking differing systems together is called into play. Never shaken but always stirred into action when there is a chance to present a case for renewable energy systems. Particularly erudite on solar thermal, where he had some outstanding praise heaped upon his design by Heriot Watt University in a case study. Prefers wine from the Rhone valley and has a relentless passion for reading a good book.

Has the task of overseeing the logistics. The supply and demand of Warm The Sole is monitored closely by Paul & the team to ensure that  what’s on offer is at the forefront of style, design and technology. Not forgetting that your pocket has to be cared for as well. Databases, CAD’s and the design programme are all in his forte. Drawing from his experince and knowledge in the past  and bringing it back to – no I won’t say it but you get the picture!
Suffice to say that Paul runs a busy department, using all available technology to enhance the behind the scenes work as well as ensuring the most up to date systems are on our shelves. Paul also likes Rhone wine, abd is also fond of wines from other parts of the world, as long as it fits in a glass he is happy. He always travels at less than 88mph.


Part of the design team, Shelley is one of the Stars of the ship or enterprise that is Warm The Sole. She has been instrumental in getting all the literature together allowing you to install with ease.




Keeping the dynasty that is Warm The Sole on track is Rosemary. With over twenty years experience in keeping an office ship shape she ensures that the day to day running of Warm The Sole never gets a bad rating.