Home Owner

It’s your dream home and everything has to be perfect. We realise that the stress levels before, duringf & after the design, planning process, build phase and snagging are sometimes going to be quite high. We don’t want that, and we don’t wish that for you either.
We can help with the entire heating system if you wish. Our boffins can listen to your needs and wishes and liaise with the architect and builder to provide a level of comfort while the project is ongoing and ensure that our system provides the perfect comfort zone while you’re living there.
The perfect house warming present is at your feet
  • Design

    Fully comprehensive design service, with direct access to one of our design gurus. We can design and supply completely integrated systems for any size of project. We just need a set of plans. The addition of elevations is a bonus for our team, allowing us to hone our perfection even more.

  • Technical Help

    Every now and again you find a new and pleasant suprise awaiting to challenge you whilst installing. After spending a few moments marvelling at the wonder that has stalled the progress of the project feel free to give us a call. We thrive on helping you out.

As always just give us a call  01463 246600