Manhattan Single Zone Underfloor Heating System


We are justifiably proud of our Manhattan Floorheating System. Designed with a single area in mind, they provide all the benefits of our lauded floor heating kits. The main advantage though is the price. We have loaded the kits with plenty of quality parts, but managed to keep the bottom line minimal.

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Our entry level Manhattan Systems are phenomenal value for money. They are perfect for a single zone/area and contain everything you need to have a fully functional floor heating system.

We have even included a clockstat as standard to allow for full time and temperature control, something thats missing from the vast majority of other single zone systems (floor heating should be controlled completely independent of radiator circuits due to the different methods of operation). Also included is a fully comprehensive information booklet, covering all aspects of installation and operation.

Of course if you have any questions we would love to get a call from you so we can discuss any queries you may have in full. We are quite pleased our system and will do all in our power to ensure you are too.

The price of our Manhattan Kits might be low but we haven’t cut back on the quality.
All the products are from leading manufacturers. In addition Warm The Sole only use high quality 3 layer PE-RT pipe with an oxygen barrier. This barrier prevents the entry of oxygen into the heating system via the pipework significantly reducing the risk of corrosion within the entire system.

This kit contains the following products
1 x single circuit mixing unit with pump and fittings
60mm staples
16mm pert pipe
1 x Digital clockstat
Border insulation