Solar Thermal Hot Water System


Solar Thermal is starting to take off in a big way; look around and you will see more and more properties taking advantage of all that free energy from the sun. Come and talk to us and find out how a Solar Thermal system could save you a fortune on both your hot water and heating costs while reducing your carbon footprint. In some cases the government will even pay you for having it (ask us for more details).

Our Hot water system contains everything you need to get the energy from the sun working for you.

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The kit contains

2.0m² copper to copper solar thermal panels
Pump Unit – 2 way group with installation kit for expansion vessel
LOGO Solar Controller
Solar expansion vessel
Connection kit for the collectors
Solar fluid concentrate
Hot water cylinder with 2 coils & full installation kit
Fixing kit and connectors for the panels


Solar hot water systems – The panels link into your hot water tank and can save you 65-70% on the costs to heat your hot water. The system is eligible for Renewable Heat Incentive payments which means it can pay for itself in 7 years.