Warm The Sole Pellet Boilers


We have been using wood to heat our homes for thousands of years so at Warm The Sole we carry on that tradition by offering a wide range of pellet boilers.

Made by Fu-Wi, a company with over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing, and with up to 90% efficiency, we are proud to be associated with one of the market leaders.

Our range of pellet boilers definitely deserve a second look. Underneath the stylish hood is a fully MCS accreddited boiler with a large array of extras all as standard. Full details are below.

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Boiler Features Summary

  • Fully accredited through the Microgeneration Certificate Scheme
  • Eligible technology for the Renewable Heat Certificate
  • High Efficiency – up to 90%
  • Steel construction
  • Control unit for automatic operation
  • Ash bin for automatic de-ashing
  • Automatic electrical ignition
  • Safety thermostat with automatic cut-off
  • Self cleaning vertical turbulator Heat Exchangers – (optional extra*)
  • Integral flue fan (optional extra)
  • Monitoring via internet or GSM connection
  • Multiple fuelling options including manual feed or bulk pellet delivery by auger or vacuum feed
  • Modulating content with output variation from 30 -100% depending on actual heat demand
  • Guarantee – boiler body 60 months (from first operation), boiler 30 months from date of delivery
  • Ceramic parts are excluded from the warranty
  • Cascade control facility

* Auto clean option is additional £140.00 + VAT (£168.00)