WTS Smart underfloor heating system


Our top of the range system has just about everything. It includes all you’d expect for a quality floor heating system. From 5 layer Pert pipe to 1″ nickel plated brass manifolds. The control system is what sets the package head and shoulders above the crowd. We have made the system completely wireless – no need to crawl between walls to fit cabling. The setup also includes the Salus Smartsystem Gateway, allowing full control of the heating via your smartphone, just download the free app. This is just a small part of the iT600 SmartHome system, with the ability to control heating, appliances and monitor the security of your home. The price is for the complete heating system including carriage & VAT.

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Warm The Sole heating systems are an excellent choice for those wishing to install a quality underfloor heating system in their property. The high quality components are sourced from some of the top names in underfloor heating system manufacturing and are matched to provide the optimal performance.It is worth noting that Warm The Sole Water Underfloor Heating kits feature water temperature control, this ensures that water flows through the heating system at the correct temperature: beware of systems without this facility.

In addition Warm The Sole only use high quality PE-RT pipe with an embedded oxygen barrier. This barrier encases the inner layer of the PE-RT pipe completely, preventing the entry of oxygen into the heating system via the pipework. The tough outer layer is designed to withstand the rigors of surrounding workloads, ensuring that the oxygen barrier remains intact. This significantly reduces the risk of corrosion within the entire system.

A Warm the Sole Smart Underfloor Heating System – multi room includes:

  • 1 piece nickle plated brass manifold
  • Manifold pump/mixing valve unit
  • 5 layerPE-RT Pipe with embedded oxygen diffusion barrier
  • Wireless wiring centres and actuators
  • Digital room thermostats with time and temperature control
  • Edging insulation
  • Pipe staples, pipe cutters, nuts and olives, valves and all items required to install.
  • SG600 Internet Gateway

It is important to note that this system includes full time and temperature control for each room. Many other systems just offer a single roomstat no matter the size of the manifold. The Warm The Sole system allows for full thermostatic controll in each room, ensuring your comfort throughout your property. The systemcan be controlled overall viaa smartphone.