When you are visualising or managing a project there will be many aspects that have to be considered, each with there own headache. At Warm The Sole we can help eliminate this annoyance. We have a team of experts on hand to assist in all aspects of heating design. We can provide plant, wiring and CAD layouts to help visualise you project, keeping your client happy and the assignment on track. All headaches are eased and your client marvels at your boffin like knowledge (supplied by us secretly via our hotline – 01463 246600)
The end result is a happy customer, a happy you and a happy little Warm The Sole office.
Who knows we may even do our happy dance.
We can advise and furnish you with datasheets for all the following
  • Floor Constructions

    Although virtually every building is unique, the floor construction for floor heating is basically a few themes each with a number of variations. We can provide detail on the best option for your project.

  • Plant and Wiring Diagrams

    Our expertise and experience in integrated heating systems is legendary. We can provide a complete set of visuals to ease the project installation.

  • CAD Pipe layout

    It may be for the installers benefit, it may be part of the handover pack. Whatever the need we are happy to provide some drawings with some squiggly coloured lines in exactly the right place as an option.

As always just give us a call  01463 246600