Solar Thermal Hot Water Kit

Solar Thermal

Enough energy hits the earth from the sun in an hour to provide the energy requirements for the whole human race for a year.
That’s an amazing fact so it’s not hard to see why we love solar thermal as an efficient way to capture all that free energy.

Welcome to the Solar Thermal Hot Water Kits category

At Warm the Sole we have a team of experts with an in-depth knowledge of Solar Thermal Kits and are on hand to help you choose a system that is right for you.


Whether you want to find a way to reduce your energy bills for your hot water usage or are looking at incorporating a solar thermal hot water kit into a large commercial project we can design a system that will fulfil your requirements.


Our systems can be fitted to a wide range of properties whether it’s on an existing roof or a new build and we can design a system that can provide free hot water for baths & showers or even contribute towards your heating requirements.


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