Warm The Sole provides a comprehensive range of complete heating and renewable kits off the shelf, at some phenomenal prices.
It doesn’t just stop there though, we can delve right into the plans of your project and provide a complete design and supply from the ground up. We provide help and advice to ensure your install is headache free, leaving you to complete the job with no lengthy delays whilst your client marvels at your boffin like knowledge (secretly supplied by us via our hotline – 01463 246600)
The end result is a happy customer, a happy you and a happy little Warm The Sole office.
Our Trade Installer package offers help advice and datasheets for all the following
  • Design

    Fully comprehensive design service, with direct access to one of our design gurus. We can design and supply completely integrated systems for any size of project. We just need a set of plans. The addition of elevations is a bonus for our team, allowing us to hone our perfection even more.

  • Trade Discount

    We are not here to just save you time with our endless knowledge of all things heating. We have a comprehensive installer network, and should you sign up to be a part of it – you will benefit from some amazing trade savings.

  • Technical Help

    Every now and again you find a new and pleasant suprise awaiting to challenge you whilst installing. After spending a few moments marvelling at the wonder that has stalled the progress of the project feel free to give us a call. We thrive on helping you out.

As always just give us a call  01463 246600